Decorating a table with a Flair of Gold Lace

Decorating your home with a flair of gold or decorating an elegant Wedding Reception Table, TableCloths LAT offers lovely Linens that feature beautiful Artistic Gold Peacock Lace on Ivory German Jacquard fabric. These premium Gold and Ivory Lace Linens are durable and are strong table or mantle pieces. These are made of high-quality extra-fine fibers that make the look soft to the touch yet elegant. At TableCloths LAT we offer Doilies, Runners, Placemats, Mantle Scarfs, and Tissue Boxes that feature beautiful artistic Lace that will enhance any piece of furniture or décor. The premium Ivory Jacquard fabric in each piece is designed with a higher thread count and is smoother and heavier than regular polyester material. The ivory Jacquard is known for its elegant look and will give off a beautiful glow in any setting.

The small TableCloths LAT Square 15" size Doily can be used as a Placemat or on a small accent table or Sofa End Table under a lamp. The larger sizes, 23" or 33" Doilies are a great way to display a centerpiece for a floral arrangement or a candle and are washable. The larger Doilies are a beautiful way to add style and beauty to a wedding cake or candles on each table at a wedding reception. Your guest will be so impressed at the beauty it adds.

15" Square Gold Peacock Lace Doily

24" Round Gold Peacock Lace Doily

33" Round Gold Peacock Lace Doily
TableCloths LAT Gold Lace Placemats create a beautiful formal piece for the dinnerware on the table or for a lovely setting on an end or coffee table. These are washable and need little to no ironing. Small tables can be extra nice with a Placemat in the center with a small floral arrangement or candle. Also, use it as a covering for a nightstand or small dresser.

14" X 21" Gold Peacock Lace Placemat

Gold Lace Runners from TableCloths LAT is a nice way to decorate a dining or coffee table, bedroom dresser, or any flat surface that needs a pretty layer of linens. Sizes vary with table size. A small accent table is perfect for the 14" X 27" Runner, while the 16" X 35" Runner will look beautiful on a dining room table or coffee table. Use the 16" X 54" Runner for a table that seats 4-6 people or on a double bedroom dresser. The larger 16" X 70" Gold Lace Runner will look beautiful as a centerpiece for a dining table that seats 6-8 people or on a triple dresser in the bedroom. The ivory centers give off the appearance of a centerpiece and any color used is appropriate to make these give off a glow of elegance.

14" X 21" Gold Peacock Lace Runner

16" X 35" Gold Lace Runner

16" X 54" Gold Peacock Lace Runner

16" X 70" Gold Peacock Lace Runner

Rounding out our Gold Lace series of Linens, TableCloths LAT offers a Fireplace Mantle Scarf to match all the Runners and Doilies. It is a beautiful addition to a room. This is an oversized scarf and should be used on larger mantles. It is polyester and can be washed but not used while the fire is burning as it will scorch the lace. Also, we have designed a Gold Lace Tissue Box for your end tables or nightstand, or bath counter. Everyone loves a tissue box to give the room a beautiful accent.

19" X 90" Gold Peacock Lace Mantle Scarf

12" X 16" X 4" Gold Peacock Lace Tissue Box

TableCloths LAT is proud of the Gold Peacock Lace linens included in this line. We feel that it offers to beautify found in no other tabletop linens. Choose any pattern to add beauty and elegance to your home décor or add to beautiful wedding tables and impress all your guests.


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