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How to properly use a mantel scarf

People ask if there is a proper way to place a scarf on a fireplace mantle The answer is “Yes” there is! Some people think you thumbtack them to the front of the mantle, well, that is a definite “NO, NO“. It will be hard to remove in case of an emergency.  You actually lay it on top of the mantle shelf, and gently slide it towards the back, next to the wall, and it should hang down over the front of the mantle no more than 9”. You can have a drop on each end of it, or none at all, it depends on your liking. As shown in the picture below, some people will cover it end to end with a drop on each end. Others will center it on the mantle with no end drop.  REMOVE BEFORE LIGHTING FIREPLACE so you don’t end up calling your local fire department because you didn’t remove it. At TableCloths LAT, we have beautifully designed easy-care, mantle scarves that can be used for any size fireplace, from mobile homes size to massive fireplaces in a ski lodge. Remember, it’s not the size of the fireplac

Beautiful Table Linens That Can Bring Your Home Color and Style Throughout Spring and Summer

There is no better way to bring in Spring and Summer than to add new ideas to the home and refresh your table decor.  Incorporating new ideas into your decor doesn’t have to put a dent in your budget. Adding a new table Runner, Placemat, or Doily to accent a centerpiece is an excellent way to add a fresh new look for the season and bring in colors that will make your house sing like the birds. Adding throw pillows in chairs to match Runners or Doilies will make a new stylish or chic display.  There are many colors to choose from and will put pizazz to any style. Freshen up your table with flowers from the garden or add a beautiful floral display. Sunflower Runners and Placemats Blue Bonnets Runners, Doilies, and Mantle Scarves                                                            Pink Rose Runners and Doilies   Open Weave Sunflowers Runners and Doilies Gold Daisies on Olive Green Runners and Doilies Green and White Strip Runners Sunflowers, Daisies, Blue Bonnets, and Stripes are a

A Designer's Dream of Decorating with Butterflies on the Table

    A Designer's Dream of Decorating with Butterflies on the Table We're convinced that a table, no matter how elegant, our Butterfly Linens will refresh your decor with color and give it a glow of Spring or Summer.  When the Butterflies come out each year, we want to see the colors and the grace with which they display their wings.  I am convinced that our Butterfly Doilies and Runners are the most beautiful linens we offer to decorate a room and bring out the beauty of the room. The scroll and cutwork will add beautiful dimensions to each piece and add beauty to any table, dresser, or buffet. A Doily placed in the center of a table is a wonderful addition to show off a beautiful centerpiece or floral arrangement. The 24" Round is very nice with a candle or a small figurine.  The 33" Round has a beautiful center to display a vase of flowers or a beautiful centerpiece. Either piece will add beauty to any table.  The small Butterfly Runner is designed to sit on a coff