The Do's and Don'ts When Purchasing Table Doilies

Who isn't thinking about decorating their home for the new seasons of the year or just changing the look of the dining table or any other flat surface of the home, TableCloths LAT can help with the change of linens to match any décor. When purchasing linens, remember the spaces you are decorating or the accessories you are going to use will put a glow to the room. All linens have a purpose and that is to add beauty to your home or to cover the old with new accents.

Doilies are a great way to accent the center of the table for a centerpiece or candle or just as a cover for a tabletop. When purchasing a Doily, the best way to think of Doilies is the size of the table it is being used on. The 15" Round Doily is nice as a dining table placemat, accent piece on the coffee or end tables or just to use on a small round eating table. Using a 23" or 33" Round Doily is beautiful as a centerpiece with any accent item.

15" Round Blue Rose Doily

Purchase Doilies with the size and color of the table in mind. If you have dark wood, choose something with light colors, for light wood choose a dark item. Round Doilies can fit a round or oblong table. Don't put them on a table where the ends fall off. This will cut the design and embroidery and cutwork off the table.

Whether you are buying Doilies for a casual, formal or just to use as a decorative piece, Doilies can add beauty to every table in the home or for an addition to a fun party or beautiful wedding. Lace Doilies can add a formal look that will delight every guest and add beauty at a bridal reception or a fun or formal dinner. 11" or 15" Doilies are a nice look under dinner plates or crystal drinking glasses on the table. Beautiful three-tier wedding cake is lovely on a 33" or 23" Round Lace Doily in any color. If your colors include Gold, Cocoa, Navy, or Neutral Beige, TableCloths LAT have you covered.

15" Round Cocoa Doily

Don't spend a lot of money on expensive tablecloths to make your table attractive. A pretty Doily can be added to any table whether round or oblong. We are staying home more these days and entertaining family and friends and we want our home to have the décor to be proud of.

Enjoy your home by decorating with pretty Doilies or Table Linens. TableCloths LAT has every size and color you will need to put the finishing touches on any tabletops in the home. You can implement more lovely linens in your home in other rooms as funding becomes available and TableCloths LAT has the linens to help.


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