A Designer's Dream of Decorating with Butterflies on the Table


  A Designer's Dream of Decorating with Butterflies on the Table

We're convinced that a table, no matter how elegant, our Butterfly Linens will refresh your decor with color and give it a glow of Spring or Summer.  When the Butterflies come out each year, we want to see the colors and the grace with which they display their wings.  I am convinced that our Butterfly Doilies and Runners are the most beautiful linens we offer to decorate a room and bring out the beauty of the room. The scroll and cutwork will add beautiful dimensions to each piece and add beauty to any table, dresser, or buffet. A Doily placed in the center of a table is a wonderful addition to show off a beautiful centerpiece or floral arrangement. The 24" Round is very nice with a candle or a small figurine.  The 33" Round has a beautiful center to display a vase of flowers or a beautiful centerpiece. Either piece will add beauty to any table. 

The small Butterfly Runner is designed to sit on a coffee table or end table and the longer Butterfly Runner is designed to be put on a dining table or bedroom dresser.  A sofa table will be fabulous with a colorful Butterfly Runner with a book or two on top.  Even a piano will look nice with a round Doily sitting on top to add color and be a delightful addition to the room. 

When we designed these beautiful Butterfly Linens we had you in mind.  We wanted to present colors that will blend with every decor and be easy to decorate.  We wanted your family and guests to love the colors of the Butterflies and bring Spring and Summer into the home for everyone to enjoy. Whether you choose the Butterfly Doily or Runner for your table, you will love how the colors will bring joy to your home and give your home a glow to enjoy for years and years and each time you bring it out whether it be Spring or Summer, you will enjoy it more and more. 

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