How to properly use a mantel scarf

People ask if there is a proper way to place a scarf on a fireplace mantle

The answer is “Yes” there is! Some people think you thumbtack them to the front of the mantle, well, that is a definite “NO, NO“. It will be hard to remove in case of an emergency.  You actually lay it on top of the mantle shelf, and gently slide it towards the back, next to the wall, and it should hang down over the front of the mantle no more than 9”. You can have a drop on each end of it, or none at all, it depends on your liking. As shown in the picture below, some people will cover it end to end with a drop on each end. Others will center it on the mantle with no end drop.  REMOVE BEFORE LIGHTING FIREPLACE so you don’t end up calling your local fire department because you didn’t remove it.

At TableCloths LAT, we have beautifully designed easy-care, mantle scarves that can be used for any size fireplace, from mobile homes size to massive fireplaces in a ski lodge. Remember, it’s not the size of the fireplace, it’s the size of the mantle that counts. We have you covered, no matter how big your fireplace may be.

Our mantle scarves come in 16″ X 90” lengths. They are machine washed and dry, with no ironing if removed promptly from the dryer and hung up.

Below are a few different designs we offer, as Christmas is not the only time of year you need to decorate your mantle. We change ours out with the different seasons during the year, as well as holidays. Now I know you are saying, “ Twice a year is good enough for me, Christmas and one for year-round.” No problem we have you covered! White Jacquard with Coco Lace Mantle Scarf is a great way to add to your Winter Decor with a cozy fire.

HOLIDAY BEAUTY: Beautiful and Elegant Embroidered Christmas Holiday Silver Reindeer & Christmas Scene on Dark Grey 18" X 88" Fireplace Mantel Scarf Decor. Also, has a 2" hem for rod for Window Valance

HOLIDAY DECOR: Embroidered Christmas Holiday Reindeer & Christmas Scene on Grey Fireplace Mantel Scarf Large Window Valance Mantel Decor 18" x 88"

Embroidered Christmas Holiday Poinsettia Mantel Scarf (19" x 90")

HOLIDAY CHEER: This beautiful European Red Poinsettia with green stems and elegant cut work on a cream 19" X 90" Fire Place Mantle Scarf will be a very nice addition to your Christmas decor this year.

BEAUTIFUL LACE DECOR: Beautiful antique-looking 90" Wide X 19" Long Fireplace Mantel Scarf with Gold/Beige Lace on White Smooth Embossed Fabric

You can decorate your mantle once you have your mantle scarf in place by using a lovely spring, fall, or summer floral or a holiday garland, laid to the back of the mantle, and put your favorite pictures, crystal pieces, candles, or intertwined your garland among your other decorations on the mantle. Experiment and use your imagination, that’s what makes it personal.

Some people want an elaborate display on their mantle at holiday time, and just a few simple pieces the rest of the year. Me, I love my crystal pieces, and display them on my mantle, to protect them from breakage from grandkids, You know how that goes!

We would love to see your decorating touches on your mantle, so feel free to send us your pictures and decorating ideas, we would love to see them. Here are a few more pictures for you of our mantle scarves. Enjoy!


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